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What is Hip Resurfacing?

Hip resurfacing is a new alternative approach to hip replacements that has the potential advantage of allowing young patients to get back to their active lifestyle. The resurfaced hip uses a large metal-on-metal bearing surface which may prove to be more durable than traditional hip replacements that use metal and plastic. The large head size also reduces the risk of dislocation and more closely mimicks the patients native hip anatomy and mechanics. Another advantage is that resurfacing preserves the femoral head and neck bone rather than resecting it.

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Hip Resurfacing is being touted as ‘The Next Generation of Hip Replacements’. Although the surgery is relatively new, and doesn’t have the long-term data as conventional hip replacements, results are very promising. In fact, ten year data shows greater than 98% success rates. While resurfacing is not ever expected to replace conventional hip replacements, it provides a good alternative for young patients with arthritis who wish to remain active.

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About Dr. Wagner

Mark B Wagner, MD is a board certified orthopaedic surgeon who has focused his practice on ‘Hip Pain in the Young Adult.’ His interest in this area has allowed him to specialize in many emerging surgical procedures including Hip Arthroscopy and Hip Resurfacing. He has given presentations on these subjects at various national conferences. Over 100 of these specialized procedures have already been performed safely at Portland Providence Medical Center where his office is located. Dr. Wagner is one of only two surgeons currently performing this procedure in the Portland Metropolitan area. Physicians from throughout Oregon and Washington refer many of their patients with these difficult problems to Dr. Wagner for second opinions and surgery.

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